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Do Mirror Glaze Substitutes work?

The Truth About Mirror Glaze Substitutes - Chapters by S.

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! I hope whatever you do today you will enjoy to the fullest!

For this post I thought what better dessert to pick than than red mirror glazed petits fours! Now you know what I’m like with recipes, I always try to substitute as much as I can in an attempt to make it a tiny bit less unhealthy.

A mirror glaze however, is so far from healthy that I really should have just stuck to the original recipe, and this is what this post is about. If you think about substituting anything in your mirror glaze, keep reading!

The Truth About Mirror Glaze Substitutes - Chapters by S.

Now the ingredients are actually quite straight forward: White Chocolate Couverture, Corn Syrup, Sweetened Condensed Milk, Granulated Sugar, Gelatine, Water and a colour of your choice.

In my attempt to make things a bit healthier, these are the substitutes I made and my thoughts about the results:

White Chocolate Couverture – Regular White Chocolate

I think it would have been better to go with Couverture as it is a lot richer in fat which would have helped smoothness of the consistency.

Gelatine – Agar Agar

Every vegan will know agar agar as a go-to gelatine substitute, and whereas it works wonders in other recipes it does have a slightly brown tint, odd smell and the result is never quite as shiny as with proper gelatine – a big big bummer when making mirror glaze!

Corn Syrup – Glucose Syrup

As corn syrup is a specific type of glucose syrup, this one didn’t make any difference. Also I didn’t pick this one to be healthier in case you were wondering, it is simply difficult to find Corn Syrup in Germany.

Sweetened Condensed Milk – Condensed Milk

I chose to buy the condensed milk with the lowest amount of sugar I could find. I honestly don’t think this made any difference due to the large amount of other sugar sources in this recipe.

Fondant – Marzipan

Although not a direct ingredient, mirror glazes should always be poured on a smooth surface for full effect. Although Marzipan has a much nicer taste than plain fondant, for the purpose of smoothness and ease, I recommend not to use it. Fondant is much easier to roll out, mold and smoothen and doesn’t have large pores like marzipan.

Either way, I would do this again any time soon as it was so much fun to make and work with. Below you can see some snippets from the entire process and although the final result isn’t 100% perfect, it was still delicious, and isn’t that was counts in the end?

If you’ve ever tried a mirror glaze yourself, please do let me know, I want to hear all about your experience!

The Truth About Mirror Glaze Substitutes - Chapters by S.
The Truth About Mirror Glaze Substitutes - Chapters by S.

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