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Mother's Day

Coconut Almond Flower Jelly

Mother’s Day is coming up so this year I thought I would think of something a bit more personal than just some flowers. So I included them in a dessert! Without having to go out on a limb to…

St. Patrick's Day

Matcha Chocolate Bark

Matcha Smoothies, Matcha Lattes, Matcha Oreos. It’s almost impossible to come across a food blog (or even Pinterest) and not find at least one Matcha recipe. For those of you who don’t yet know this wonderful superfood, my friend…

Healthier Baking

How To Make Natural Food Colouring

Homemade natural food colouring is a big topic when you try to properly eat healthy. As I have quite a few little baking projects planned next month I have spent a couple days doing some research on how to…