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Pancake Day

Pancake Stack Cake with Chocolate Chips

Only a few days to go until Pancake day! I never really knew about this occasion until I moved to the UK, but then again, do we really need an occasion to make a pancake cake? Although this pancake…


Giant Autumn Fruit Cake Pops

Thanksgiving is coming up and in the spirit of autumn and comfort food I decided to prepare something extra sweet this year. So instead of making tiny snack cake pops I went for supersized fruit shaped cake pops, covered…

October Fest

Oktoberfest Beer Cupcakes

Happy Beer Season! Being from Germany originally, I must admit I am quite surprised I haven’t actually posted anything related to Oktoberfest before. However unlike the title might suggest, this is not a usual recipe post but rather some…

Healthier Baking

Do Mirror Glaze Substitutes work?

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! I hope whatever you do today you will enjoy to the fullest! For this post I thought what better dessert to pick than than red mirror glazed petits fours! Now you know what I’m like…

Mother's Day

Coconut Almond Flower Jelly

Mother’s Day is coming up so this year I thought I would think of something a bit more personal than just some flowers. So I included them in a dessert! Without having to go out on a limb to…