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Mother's Day

Flower Pot Chocolate Cake

Mother’s Day is around the corner and instead of splurging on overpriced flowers that die within a week, why not make something from the heart? My mom loves gardening and specifically blue flowers. So to mark the occasion I…

Pancake Day

Pancake Stack Cake with Chocolate Chips

Only a few days to go until Pancake day! I never really knew about this occasion until I moved to the UK, but then again, do we really need an occasion to make a pancake cake? Although this pancake…


Giant Autumn Fruit Cake Pops

Thanksgiving is coming up and in the spirit of autumn and comfort food I decided to prepare something extra sweet this year. So instead of making tiny snack cake pops I went for supersized fruit shaped cake pops, covered…

October Fest

Oktoberfest Beer Cupcakes

Happy Beer Season! Being from Germany originally, I must admit I am quite surprised I haven’t actually posted anything related to Oktoberfest before. However unlike the title might suggest, this is not a usual recipe post but rather some…

Healthier Baking

Do Mirror Glaze Substitutes work?

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! I hope whatever you do today you will enjoy to the fullest! For this post I thought what better dessert to pick than than red mirror glazed petits fours! Now you know what I’m like…