27 years old, born and raised in Berlin, studied in Cambridge, now living in London.

Susi is a Digital Marketing professional with a passion for baking, health trends and all things minimalist. After graduating in International Business in 2015 she decided to use the newly won free time to document her love for baking in a blog while brushing up on her coding, design and photography skills.

After just a few months she used her newly found love for blogging to kick start her career, connecting bloggers, vloggers, and social media influencers with brands before moving on to work in a wider digital marketing area.

Although the idea to post three times a week while having a full time job (no daylight for photos, you know how it is) has become an impossible task, Chapters by S. still serves as a much loved creative outlet, whenever time allows.

For any inquiries or questions please sent an e-mail to mail@chaptersbys.com.