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Muffin Burgers with Sugar Cookie Fries

These little mini burger muffins and cookie fries are the perfect addition to any celebration. They are easy to make, taste and look great. Me and my boyfriend had made them up for a 4th of July barbecue and everyone loved them. In the picture I saw on Pinterest, the burgers had sesame seeds on top, but due to allergies we had to leave them out.

Also all burger fillings were made up of buttercream, but I decided to make the ‘cheese’ with sugar icing, and add strawberries as ‘tomatoes’ to make it a bit fresher. All in all I can strongly recommend trying them, just play around with the ingredients and make it your own!


a basic muffin recipe (for the bread)
a basic brownie recipe (for the burger)
a basic biscuit recipe (for the fries)
fresh strawberries (for the tomatoes)
icing sugar (for the melted cheese)
butter (for the lettuce)
food colouring (red, blue, green, yellow)
sesame seeds (optional decoration)


1. bake the muffins, brownie dough and biscuit dough (cut into stripes)
2. cut little circles out of the baked brownie dough and flatten them so they break a bit
3. cut the muffins in half and add the brownie patties
4. mix icing sugar with a drop of water and yellow food colouring, then drizzle over burgers
5. add strawberry pieces and a bit of green buttercream
6. add the top half of the muffin and press down on one side only so ingredients can be clearly seen on the other
7. finally secure everything with a cocktail stick and add sesame seeds if preferred
8. dip some of the french fries into yellow or red icing, and lay them on a grill to dry


When dyeing the icing sugar red, adding a drop of blue will give you a deeper colour.


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