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January Trend Test | Confetti Top Coats

Confetti Top Coats | Chapters by S.

New year, new me right? Well almost. I have quite a few ideas for the blog which I would like to introduce one by one throughout the year. One I am starting with this post is a monthly series where I will pick out something new or particularly special that caught my eye and give you a little review on it. I hope you’ll like it! When I was wondering through the beauty aisles of my nearby drugstore the other day I noticed that the nail polish sections have become a bit more varied. In addition to “1 step gel colour” which I am not a fan of, we now have a choice from all kinds of different glitter nail polishes, without the sparkle. They simply call it ‘confetti’ – clever marketing if you ask me. Half of the colours were already sold out, but I instantly fell in love with the monochrome matte L’Oreal.

Confetti Top Coats | Chapters by S.

To make a long story short, I love it. Unlike other glitter nail polishes, which can be impossible to remove, this one was very subtle, easy to apply and even easier to remove. Thumbs up!

Confetti Top Coats | Chapters by S. Confetti Top Coats | Chapters by S.

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