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How To Go Back To Natural Ash Blonde Hair

Going Back to Natural Ash Blonde Hair | Chapters By S.

I have always loved to change my hair with different cuts and colours but for some reason always went back to bleach blonde highlights in the end. For years I have gone to the same hair stylist and gotten the same thing done, until one day I looked platinum blonde and decided it’s time to go back to my natural hair colour. As my natural hair is ash blonde this proved to be a 2 year process which could have been a lot shorter, had I known what I know today.


1. platinum blonde highlights (bleach)
2. light brown with red undertones (hair dye)
3. strawberry blonde (sunlight)
4. dark brown (hair dye)
5. brassy blonde (removed all colour with ColourB4)
6. natural ash blonde with highlights (sunlight)
7. current pure ash blonde roots


From my personal experience, when you are naturally ash-blonde like me, I don’t recommend dyeing or bleaching your hair to get your natural hair colour back. Dyeing an ashy colour on light blonde which looks natural (and not green) is almost impossible. Therefore I recommend the following:

If your hair is bleached: Let it grow out. The sun will do you the favour of blending any roots with your highlights over time, giving you a natural balayage look.

If your hair is dyed darker: Use a colour remover. They are gentle to your hair and don’t contain bleach. In the UK, ColourB4 is available in most drugstores. It shrinks the colour molecules and washes them out of your hair, depending on the individual build-up leaving a darker blonde hair colour. Any brassiness can then be treated with strong silver shampoo and lots of sun light. From there on, just let it grow.

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