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5 Reasons To Take A Break From Social Media

5 Reasons for a Blogger to avoid social media for a day | Chapters by S.

Some side effects of social media like the worrying increase in superficial relationships would usually be a reason to quit, however in the blogger world this can actually be of advantage. Networking with other bloggers sometimes living on the other side of the planet can be quite beneficial to your own blog’s growth.

Still, as fun and essential as social media is to a blogger these days, you might agree with me that it can also be frustrating at times. So from a blogger’s perspective, for the 5 reasons listed below, I decided to try and avoid social media for one day a week and just clear my mind. I love it so far and can only recommend it to every blogger out there!

1. Temptation to Waste Time

Before I started my blog, my biggest ‘time waster’ was Pinterest where I would get caught up on looking at pretty much anything (you know what it’s like) for hours. Now that I started using Instagram and Twitter for my blog it’s easy to spend just as much time on each of them having a look at what everyone else is up to. I could easily finish a few books instead or simply go to sleep an hour earlier, both of which are a healthier choice.

2. Pressure To Post

These days it’s so easy to follow other blogs without having to actually visit their websites which pressures me into constantly looking at what they are doing. So instead of relaxing and enjoying my blog as a hobby, I end up feeling the pressure to post something new every day, like they do, because I can see their activities on instagram, snapchat etc etc,

3. Demotivating

Since we’re speaking of competition. Constantly comparing myself to blogs with hundreds of thousands of followers can sometimes be quite demotivating. I do know that as a newbie blogger this is the worst I can do, but it’s something natural and I just can’t help it. I just need to keep reminding myself that this is a hobby, and nothing more.

4. Lost Focus

In my free time I follow blogs with all kinds of different designs and concepts. What I had to learn with time is that when you’re new to blogging you’re very easily influenced by other blogger’s pictures or ideas. As a result there were times when I completely lost focus and wanted to blog about things that had nothing to do with my original blog concept, just because I was amazed by what someone else did.

5. Other Hobbies

A reason (and an inevitable result) of avoiding social media and my blog for a day is the extra time I have. I started picking up old hobbies again like playing piano or drawing. A blog post with proper research, lots of photos and a recipe can take up to 6 hours from cooking to posting so there is usually no time or energy for other creative hobbies.

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