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DIY Travel Memory Bottles

DIY Travel Memory Bottles | Chapters By S.

I recently came back from a quick beach getaway to the Baltic Sea. The bed and breakfast we stayed in belonged to an artist which meant we could find little creative inspirations in every room. My room in particular was decorated with little bottles containing sand from all over the world and as soon as I saw them it reminded me that this was something I had always wanted to do. So instead of putting it to the side as always I went to the beach and filled a plastic bottle with sand. When I got back home I had to come up with an idea of how to display this newly found hobby, and these decorated lemonade bottles are the successful result.

1. WHAT YOU NEED: Collect everything you think you might use, it gives you a good selection to work with.

TIP: Be creative! I made use of old shoe laces, socks and even a shirt.

2. BOTTLES: I used old lemonade bottles by simply removing the labels.


3. DECORATIONS: Before attaching anything, lay out your ideas for each bottle.


4. FIRST BOTTLE: Use the double sided tape to attach or secure fabric or string to the bottle.


5. SECOND BOTTLE: I used an old sock for the fisher net effect. Due to the square shape of the sock, I had to sew the two ends together to avoid them sticking out on the side.


6. THIRD BOTTLE: For any larger items such as the hat or shells I also used double sided tape to attach them to the bottle. If you look for a more permanent solution I recommend using a glue gun. The name tag can then easily be hung on the lid of the bottle.


7. FILLING THE BOTTLES: As I only have sand from one holiday destination, I decided to temporarily fill the other two bottles with blue water (dyed with a blue marker) and some Christmas lights (battery powered) each.



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