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DIY Guest Room WiFi frame

Whenever I visit friends or family I often notice that guest rooms are something quite neglected or simply used for storage purposes. As this is also the case in our home, I decided to do something about it. Other than moving storage boxes into the garage where they belong, I also picked up a few maritime decorations to make the room feel more welcoming. As the walls and bedding are different shades of blue, that worked out perfectly.

Finally, I picked up an idea from Pinterest, creating a cute little frame showing our WiFi password which is quite complicated. This not only saves me trying to awkwardly explain it each time, but also makes our guests feel more welcome right away. It’s an easy and quick project and definitely shows you put effort into making your guests room feel comfortable.

1. DESIGN: Come up with a design which includes a little welcoming message and suits the environment of the room. I currently use Photoshop for almost everything design related.

diy guestroom wifi frame

2. FRAME and PLACE: Pick a photo frame that goes with the colours of your sign, frame the printout and place it on the night stand where your guests can see it right away. Done!

TIP: When publishing the process, consider covering up your password or change it just for the photos as I did.

diy guestroom wifi frame diy guestroom wifi frame
diy guestroom wifi frame diy guestroom wifi frame

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