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    Funny Santa Hat Meringues

    Only two weeks to go until Christmas and my flat is already filled with scented candles, bowls full of gingerbread and a constantly running oven. Let’s be honest, there is really…

  • Food Seasonal

    Halloween Miniature Brain & Teeth Cookies

    It’s almost Halloween again and by now you already know my love for simplistic recipes. Although creating something seasonal for any possible occasion might be one of my favourite activities, I…

  • Food Seasonal

    Easy Oktoberfest Beer Cupcakes

    Happy Beer Season! Being from Germany originally, I must admit I am quite surprised I haven’t actually posted anything related to Oktoberfest before. However unlike the title might suggest, this is…

  • Food Sweets

    Do Mirror Glaze Substitutes work?

    Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! I hope whatever you do today you will enjoy to the fullest! For this post I thought what better dessert to pick than than red mirror glazed…