5 Steps To Overcome Personal Fashion Habits | Berlin

How To Overcome Personal Fashion Habits | Berlin | Chapters by S.

You’re probably wondering what I mean by Fashion habits right? Well it’s quite simple actually, everyone I know has a certain habit when getting dressed and styled up in the morning. Some wear the same rings every day, have the same hairstyle, wear the same bag with every outfit, need a scarf for every outfit or [like me] usually combine everything with black. I admit, I love black when it comes to clothes, it’s slimming, works for every occasion and in a city like Berlin easily makes a day to night outfit work.

However, it’s almost summer so I decided to try and slowly move away from all the black and actually focus on wearing more pastel colours which ironically my closet is full of. Although it’s always difficult to break a habit, this is my little guide for you to overcome that one thing you just don’t want to let go of, and still remain happy doing it!

1. IDENTIFY what it is that you do every day, or wouldn’t leave the house without, that one favourite pair of comfortable shoes maybe? Well what about the other 50 pairs in your closet? It’s actually good for your feet to mix up your everyday shoes once in a while.

2. LOOK FOR ALTERNATIVES Same rings every day? Do you have any other ones or could you mix up their positions?

3. DON’T FORCE anything that you wouldn’t actually enjoy. In my example, I do love wearing black, but I also feel confident in other colours of course. This is simply a habit that has gotten too comfortable to stick with, so I decided to tackle it.

4. FIND A STRATEGY For example, I reorganised my closets by colour to help combine similar pieces. Whereas I normally would have picked a black top with the outfit on the photos, I now went for a white blouse, which conveniently hung right next to the stone coloured trousers in my closet.

5. KEEP MIXING IT UP Don’t fall from one bad habit into the next one. Be aware of what you do and how it makes you happy and then decide if it needs changing.

How To Overcome Personal Fashion Habits | Berlin | Chapters by S. How To Overcome Personal Fashion Habits | Berlin | Chapters by S.

Cardigan | H&M
Blouse | Zara
Trousers | Mango
Bag | Zara
Watch | DKNY

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