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3 Reasons For Keeping Your Workspace Organised

5 Reasons for keeping a clean workspace | Chapters by S.

The positive effect of an organised workspace on the quality of your work is undeniable. If you know me, you’re most likely already aware that I am a bit of an organisation fan. Every piece of paper is filed away in folders, all clearly labelled, standing side by side on two shelves (no more!). If I ever run out of space, I simply sort through them and throw out anything outdated. Even my blog has it’s own folder and content planner plastered with colourful page markers and ideas.

Organisation skills have become so important and natural these days, that they don’t even require a separate mention in your CV skill set anymore. You just need them. However, even if your shelves are a complete mess, at least you can put doors in front of them. Having a visually organized workspace can be so powerful, therefore I have collected a few reason gathered from own experience on what a clean desk can do for you:

Simply put, if there is nothing else to look at, think about or start playing with, you’ll be much more focussed on your work and will have no problem getting on with it. Get rid of all the possible distractions around you to create an efficient work space.

Adding onto the previous point, although it helps me a lot to work with to do lists, my ‘to dos’ are not something I like to stare at all day. Constantly looking at what else you need get done before you can finish for the day creates inner stress. Don’t let this bring down your mood and just decide on what you’d like to work on and put everything else away. Simply put, out of sight, out of mind.

Now weather you work from home or have an office space, a messy desk will most likely have a negative effect on your professional or even personal image. A cluttered workspace simply communicates all the wrong things about your personality or quality of work. Are you paying enough attention to detail? Are you able to keep deadlines? Are you even liking what you’re doing? There is no need to risk any of these questions ever coming up.

5 Reasons for keeping a clean workspace | Chapters by S.

It’s not worth risking your good image, or happiness over some paperwork or dirty cups of coffee, is it? What are your experiences, are you an organisation fan like me or more of a countless coffee cups type, and how do you deal with it?

Happy organizing! :)

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