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200 Things To Get Rid Of While Spring Cleaning

200 Things To Throw Away While Spring Cleaning | Chapters by S.

It’s this time of the year again! The new year started and one of my resolutions is to do a thorough Spring Clean. I am currently planning to move back to London soon, so leaving my place in Berlin in an organized and minimal state is one of my main priorities while preparing the move. If you know me, you might have noticed that I love organising absolutely anything, and that I am a big fan of minimalist living. I don’t like many colours in my house other than white, black, grey and brown, clothes I haven’t worn in a year or longer are being donated or sold, and decorations around my house are limited to fresh flowers, candles and a few photo frames.

Although I am great at decluttering, I always appreciate some good inspiration. When looking through the web I stumbled upon this incredible list of things to get rid of by selling, donating, recycling or simply throwing away (HERE). It lists 200 very useful things that you should definitely have a look through. Just go by the principle: if it doesn’t make you happy, get rid of it.

Some of my favourites from the list are the following:

    • 4. expired makeup (just cleaned out all my makeup and reduced it to 1/3)
      18. old take out menues (unless they have vouchers in them, just use the internet)
      51. unused pens and pencils (recently threw away an entire bag of pens which I hadn’t used in years, I now have 3)
      77. samples of any kind (no comment needed)
      132. magnets (I had colourful alphabet letters when I was a little kid, but now they just encourage cluttering)
      190. spare change (just recently turned all my spare change into 66 solid euros)
  • Let me know about your favourites and happy Spring Cleaning!

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