A Weekend In Paris – An Instagram Friendly Guide

    Have you ever tried planning a weekend trip and deciding everything you want to see beforehand? Then you have probably experienced that most of the times it’s just not going to happen. Now that might be due to unpredictable weather, early exhaustion or simply getting lost in a completely different part of the city and deciding to stay. Either way, after asking about 10 people on what to see and where to go in Paris and not actually getting to any of it, I thought I’d just write my own short guide – and make it instagramable.


    Here we goooo! The classic Paris Instagram background #lesdeuxplateaux

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    Midnight in Paris 🎥 🎞 #eiffeltoweratnight

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    Whenever the sun comes out… #wineandcheesebreak 🍷🧀 🇫🇷

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    What I do during every weekend trip, I will also adopt for this Blog post – get sightseeing out of the way. I have been to Paris countless times, so I still remember the time when you could walk freely underneath the Eiffel tower or get near Notre Dame without a bag check. This time however was special as I went with my boyfriend who had never been before, and I hadn’t been in years so our Paris approach was very newbie-style.

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