• Food Seasonal

    Halloween Miniature Brain & Teeth Cookies

    It’s almost Halloween again and by now you already know my love for simplistic recipes. Although creating something seasonal for any possible occasion might be one of my favourite activities, I…

  • Food Seasonal

    Easy Oktoberfest Beer Cupcakes

    Happy Beer Season! Being from Germany originally, I must admit I am quite surprised I haven’t actually posted anything related to Oktoberfest before. However unlike the title might suggest, this is…

  • Fashion

    It’s All About The Bag

    So here we go. It’s the end of September and while we had about 30 degrees this time last year, the temperature has now dropped to about 11 degrees and I…

  • Food Sweets

    Do Mirror Glaze Substitutes work?

    Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! I hope whatever you do today you will enjoy to the fullest! For this post I thought what better dessert to pick than than red mirror glazed…

  • Fashion

    The Pink Bomber Jacket | London

    Bomber jackets have been popular for quite a few years now and it seems they just keep dropping in and out of the picture. I’ve had my fair share throughout the…